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Since 1960s and the time before this year, our family elders, who have been busy with onion agriculture and trade, have been displaying a great effort in order to improve our district called KARACABEY, which is famous for its onion and fertile lands.

İŞCAN Family, which is always open to innovations, is one of those who first used various types of onion seeds which could be produced by means of heading seeds after seed trading was set free in 1980. Since those days when we included producing seeds in our goals, we have carried on increasing our knowledge and experiencing this knowledge.

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Us on the Media

  • İşcan is in the Management of TYAB

    Ekrem İşcan, who was the Head of Commodity Exchange market for one period in Karacabey, has been selected for the management of Seed Growers Sub-Union, which is based in Ankara.
    It has been pleasantly welcomed that a person from Karacabey has entered the management of TYAB, which has 7 members. Also, Seed Growers Sub-Union, which has 16 thousand 910 members all over the country, has got 610 members in Bursa.

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  • 877 Seed Statements have been given in Bursa.

    Besides some foreign companies such as Pioneer, Monsanto, Limagrain, KWS Turkkish Agriculture, and Syngenta Agriculture, which make production in Bursa, there are some other domestic companies such as May Agro, Bursa Seed, PolenSeed and Agricultural Products, TİGEM, AkdenizSeed, Tat Seed, KafkasSeed, OrhanAgriculture, Uludağ University Faculty of Agriculture, and İgünmar.
    Last year, in Bursa, in total 877 statements of seed, 588 of which were within the country and 289 of which were from OECD (seed growing for the purpose of exportation), were submitted to the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture.

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